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The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada is a non-profit organization that works with the community to grant wishes to children between the ages of three and seventeen who are diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. This year, the Foundation expects to grant 1,000 new wishes and is proud to have never refused a wish to an eligible child. The Foundation is a grassroots charity with chapters in every province and territory. For more information visit the Children's Wish PEI Chapter web page.

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The Braggers Cup Golf Tournament originated in 1999 as a tournament among friends to see who the best golfer was. The winner earned the bragging rights for the year. What started out as a friendly competition among friends began to grow each year as more and more people signed up. As the quantity of golfers grew the quality of the golfers did as well.

It was in 2002 when the tournament reached a new level. The Bragger’s Cup tournament became a 2-team best ball fundraiser with all proceeds going to the PEI Chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Golfers wishing to enter the tournament were required to collect pledges for the tournament on behalf of the PEI Chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Since the beginning of the tournament we have raised over $126,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

We continue to grow and raise ever more money for Children's Wish.

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