The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada is a non-profit organization that works with the community to grant wishes to children between the ages of three and seventeen who are diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. This year, the Foundation expects to grant 1,000 new wishes and is proud to have never refused a wish to an eligible child. The Foundation is a grassroots charity with chapters in every province and territory. For more information visit the Children's Wish PEI Chapter web page.

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Rielly's Story

Six year old Rielly is one of these Wish Children. In early December, Rielly and his family flew to Toronto to watch his favorite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. In addition to watching his favorite team, Rielly had the opportunity to meet with Maple Leafs star player, Phil Kessell. It is because of your support that Reilly was able to realize this most heartfelt wish and share in all the wonderful memories it has provided to him and his family.

LeeAnn's Story

At seven years old, LeeAnn?s most heartfelt wish was to swim with a dolphin. An ecstatic LeeAnn soon found out that she and her family would go to Florida to swim with dolphins. While on this trip LeeAnn not only realized the new experience of a dolphin?s touch but also captured fantastic memories with her family. It is with your support of the Foundation that we are able to grant these special wishes!

Darcy's Story

Six year old Darcy has had to deal with a lot in his very young life. Throughout his battle to survive, Darcy?s grandparents have been there for him even though distance separated them. Darcy and his family live in Montague, PEI, while his grandparents resided in Edmonton, AB. When asked what his most heart-felt wish would be, Darcy instantly replied, ?I want my Gamma and Gampa to move home?. Just before Darcy?s birthday, he was told that his grandparents were sending him a surprise package by plane and that he needed to go to the airport to pick it up. Darcy waited with his family, anxious to see his birthday package. Darcy?s joy was contagious as Gamma and Gampa came through the gate to deliver their special gift in person. They were home to stay with Darcy forever!

Steven's Story

Fourteen year old Steven had always been a huge NASCAR fan, and the person he admires most behind the wheel is Tony Stewart. When asked what he wished for the most Steven knew instantly that he would like to watch Tony Stewart race and meet him in person. Steven and Tony wore matching orange & black racing outfits the day of the race, and posed for several pictures together. Steven?s knowledge of racing lead to a 45 minute chat with Tony in the pits. Steven had an excellent time at the race and has many stories and photos from his trip and encounter with his favorite NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart.

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